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Impact Gymnastics

GROW (2).png


45 min


45 min

Students attending Fulltime Prep

45 min

GROW (1).png

BEG Girls
Grade 1-2

1 hr

1.5 hr

INT Girls
Grade 3-4

ADV Girls
Grade 5-6+

2 hr

Grade 7+

2 x 2 hr

1 hr

Age 6-10

1.5 hr




2 hr

1 hr

Age 18+

Competitive Girls 
We provide competitive teams for girls at Impact Gymnastics. These are by invitation or transfer between clubs, please contact us for more information.
Our Competitive coaches are accredited through Gymnastics Australia.

Your child will enjoy progressive classes throughout their journey provided by Impact Gymnastics Recreational PTY LTD with passionate caring coaches. Our Coaches are qualified through Recreational Clubs Australia.

Our GROW Program is specifically designed for ages 2 -5yo to let your child learn and explore gymnastics skills & basic class etiquette disguised as fun play & activities. Classes in GROW start with Kindygym and finish in PREP. 

Kindygym 2-3yo is a parent assisted program where the coach will have the class set up and then you and your child will navigate the circuits and activities together with the coach assisting.

- Kindygym 4-5yo is a parent assisted program that works towards the child learning to participate on their own, this will set them up for schooling.

- PREP is where your child will participate on their own with their coach leading the class.

Once your child has reached year 1, they will progress to our DEVELOP Program and enter our next option of gymsports! Recreational or Tumbling... we surely have a class for your child or for the keen adult!

Girls Rec -

Girs rec is for year 1 + students. They will progress through our in house levels system and learn to use Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor apparatus.


ACRO & Tumbling is for year 1+ students. They will cartwheel, handstand, roll, limber as basics in beginner. Intermediate is when Saltos are mastered then connected to other skills. They will spend the lesson on trampolines, mini tramps, air floor tumble floor and strength & flexibility circuits. The ACRO component includes partner and trio work where they do holds, balances, dynamic throws & catches creating fun and amazing routines.

Adult Gym -

Adult gym is a great program for the beginner right through to the ex gymnast who want's to get back in the gym. Our adults program starts every class with a group warm up, everyone then moves onto individual training. The Adults program has also been very successful in the MASTERS competitions, so if you would like to join this competitive team let us know!

Each Develop class has 3 levels Gold, Silver & Bronze. Each level has certain skills to attain to move to the next level. During class there will be opportunities to mark these skills off on an individual skills card that each gymnast receives upon starting. Our Programs have been carefully designed to cater for all abilities, so these skills are definitely achievable!


 Progression Checks are done 3 times a year in the last half of Term 2, 3 & 4 at our fun and friendly Carnivals. At Carnival your child will be tested (small cost involved) and receive feedback & participation medal.

If they get all their skills ticked off they will then pass their level and will progress onto the next class/level the next term.

Assessment of skills has 3 requirements-

1.  Posture

2. Technique

3. Safety

These are the building blocks for creating safe but great gymnastic skills!

- For our Girls Recreational Program they will be offered a place in the Excel Team once they complete the Advanced Class Levels.

Excel trains 2 x 2hr a week and is a fun competitive class who is given the opportunity to compete for fun twice a year in Brisbane.

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